Got Hard reject after soft reject :(

Hello, everybody.
I got multiple soft rejected because of different reason ever time reviewer is different ? This time they said.
I’ve been trying to get my theme sold; until now I got 14 rejections.

This is the soft reject review:
Sorry, but again, I’m not seeing any major improvements at all here. We seem to be going around in an infinite circle of soft rejections and we cannot continue like this. There are many areas with poor spacing, inconsistent padding, inconsistent typography and more. Significant improvements are required or you risk your item being hard rejected.

Below is a live preview of my template:

Can any one let me know what is wrong with the design and what could be the possible reason for its rejection?

Thank you so much !!

Hello @RedExp and thanks for inviting me to this topic,

First of all, nowadays having a theme approved is really hard. The rules have changed(for WP/HTML Categories); the requirements are updated and they only accept unique enough items (even if for sure, I’ve seen many crap themes approved - which is pretty sad). But lets get back to your theme:

The reviewers workflow (I’m guessing, using my recent experiences) is the following:

  1. If the design is not ok -> hard reject;
  2. If the design is pretty cool, with some spacing, typography problems -> then it gets a soft rejection.
  3. As I understand they are checking the code when your design passes the design quality tests/standards; So if you didn’t received any feedback related to your code, most probably the design is still the problem.
  4. Now the tricky part: Not solving all the design issues, it will lead to soft rejections like that. Sad, but true.
  5. What to do now? Take all your soft rejections, one by one; rejection point by rejection point and make sure all of them are 100% completed.
  6. I know it’s frustrating but if you really want your item approved, then you need to do this.

Now, here you have some quick feedback from my side:

Good Luck!

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Thanks so much for your feedback, ThemeSLR

I think you are True also reviewer not patience, They not said anythings and hard reject it, I have no chance to improve them.

What do you think if we change design and re-submit if posible?