Soft Rejected Soft Rejected and again Soft Rejected

Hey guys

I got multiple soft rejected because of different reason ever time reviewer is different - is it fine ? This time they said :smile:

Sorry but your theme still does not meet the minimum quality requirements to be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace

Can any one let me know what should i do to get approved any reference links where i can learn more ? any thing ?

Thank you so much !!

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My guessing, your theme isn’t soft rejected at all. May be its hard rejected. is your item is in your hidden section. if it does than you need to re arrange your typography which means heading and paragraph size and spacing and also consider of changing the font-family you are using for the theme. Please be sure first, its a soft reject or hard reject.

Yes, its in hidden section. Its Soft Rejected.

Nice theme. I like it.:heart_eyes: Don’t know why it doesn’t approved yet. Good luck with next reviewer:wink:


As they said you need to focus on typography. For example, on “Education” page, you can change the color and font family for h4 class=“education-title” in order to differentiate it from the paragraph and also to change the background color for span class=“education-period”.

Again, on “My skills” page all I see is boring grey content and is impossible to focus on anything. You should try to pay more attention to details like colors and font-weight. Also I would change the width of the main container to at least 960px.

Good luck!

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Comments like these makes me more hopeful, some time i thought i should drop it.

Thank you so much … so much for that detailed information.

You’re welcome!

I like your theme, clean and good. The only thing I would change is to increase the line spacing. Good luck

check your portfolio project litebox there is a spacing issues.


Thanks, Leysa and themezinho.

Would love to listen more feedback.

Hey there. Just to encourage you, you’re not the only one that has multiple soft rejections from different reviewers each time :wink: . But we won’t lose hope, right?

I agree with all above comments and my personal opinion is that I believe you should make your lightbox content full width, or at least wider. You’re losing precious white space.

Good luck!:smile:

Thank you so much - i really appreciate your comment. Believe me its really encouraging for me.

Sure will do it my best now to get approved here now. Yea, i will update the lightbox too.

Love to see more comments ?

Typography needs a huge update, the 2015 fashion is to have small font-size just right so that the user can read it. And also a few days ago I had a soft-reject for one of my items for the same reason. I tried to improve my spacing and line-height. I also distinguished multiple heading levels and some more details to make it look unique.

One the whole the theme looks unique something that I haven’t seen in sometime. Maybe some more typography changes and it should be approved. The navigation section also needs to be improved, focus on usability how is the buyer going to use your theme for his personal site. The main goal is not of being approved on TF but to be able to sell to as many people as possible.

Don’t be disappointed with these soft-rejects surely your item will be approved in sometime, try not to quit

dont know why it got rejected, though it has a beutiful layout :smile:

Thanks all. @KenulJain thanks for detailed feedback.
I have made lot of changes now.

awesome theme! i love it. why reject theme like this ? :frowning:

Thanks Man :slight_smile: I am also not sure about that.

I have made lot of changes, any more suggestion please ?