6 soft reject, need help please

Hl all
I have a new theme and it has been soft-rejected 6 times for almost 3 months.


1. Overall quality needs improvements.

2. Readability and visibility.

3. Typography and forms.

4. Not enough of details.

Please drop a line if you have any idea with your experience. it will be a big help for our improvement.


4 reasons say it all :smiley:
I think you need to choose demo images carefully, to make them match with your main color, or choose another main color (that blue)
And I do not like your 2 fonts, they don’t work well together :slight_smile:


I suggest changing this color #bdbdbe to something more readable.

Italic paragraphs in “We make COOL THEMES” don’t look good.

I saw a lot of empty and unused spaces.

Hope this will help.

I also get soft rejection with almost that same reasons ( maybe without typography ) :


And You know what I did - delete it and start from beginning. It’s impossible to fix something like this. He said that everything is wrong.

Thanks for help, guys!