Strange email about my rejected item.

I’ve received this email.


First: I’ve uploaded my item on graphic river, not 3dOcean
Second: If i go in hidden items, i don’t have my flyer.

What can i do to resubmit it?


strange, try to follow the link in the email, I did that when I got soft rejected and found the hidden items, while I can t find it on my profile via browser.

I think you submited from mistake to 3docean.

I was thinking to that too, so I have gone there, but i haven’t found any hidden items

There isn’t any link in the email :confused:

weird, try contact them

Do you have any link to a form for contacting them? Because i haven’t found the right place.

from screenshot I see you got hard rejected, this means you are not going to find it anywhere.

So just go back to graphicriver and submit again.

come to think about it, your email is realy strange, it is not the same format like mine, and it stated ‘hard rejected’ while they need you to revise the design.
I dont know this link is fine or not just try this.

just give the link and it is being moderated, dayum :sweat:

but if you read the email body it is clearly said soft reject

yes but it is clearly ends with rejected and is very logic to be rejected if was submited to 3docean

make sense, hard reject on 3docean but soft reject in gr

I don’t know why there’s a mention to 3dOcean. Because i’m sure i’ve uploaded the item on graphic river.

And the email states clearly: The reviewer has left you some notes about your soft-rejected items. Make sure you look into and action them before resubmitting.

I’ve sent a request to them.
I want to say that the last sentence: "You can find the full list of your soft-rejected items on the “Hidden items” section on"
Seems incomplete. Maybe after that on, there’s a link :confused:
Anyway I still haven’t any hidden item. I will wait.

yeah, good luck mate.

Thanks Lord :wink:

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lol, lord :innocent:

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Always praise the lord! :smiley: