Message from 3docean

Hello friends! I need your help!
I receive is the second message on the occasion of the approved music items
Message contains text:
[Here is a sample of your items reviewed for the day.
The reviewer has left you some notes about your soft-rejected items. Make sure you look into and action them before resubmitting.
You can find the full list of your soft-rejected items on the “Hidden items” section on
Approved (1)
Meantime in my “Hidden items” section there are no posts.
Why on 3docean? What’s this?

Apparently nobody reads

Did you create an account through 3docean? I registered in 3docean and since then i get just links from 3docean (Payments, Approvals etc.) But i am active in graphicriver. At the end it makes no difference.

But i dont know why its not showing up at hidden items. Maybe you have to wait a little?

There tech support is there or not?Try to write there

I registered only in the audiojungle. Thanks for the help! I am waiting, maybe something will reveal in “Hidden items”.

I ThemeForest registered

Here is how to make that,sit on the forum and fill in your projects? or what?

I do not understand why the report of the 3docean. I registered only audiojungle.

Write to tech support

O.K. Thanks!