Still locked out after 6 weeks

It has now been over six (6) weeks since I asked for support (Ticket No. 2855491 dated 22 August). I am still locked out of my account and can’t access the files I paid for.

Several tickets later and still nothing has been done.

What’s happening?


Have you followed the procedures outlined on this page?

Yes. I have. It has now been over 2 MONTHS since I contacted you. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?

I simply want to download the files I paid for. Is that too much to ask?

I’m currently having this exact same problem.

I just made a purchase for $1000 and then was locked out of my account.


And if that is the case have you followed the advice given in this topic?

Yes. I have. You have already suggested this (see above) and it didn’t work. I sent you a message (in fact several) for this. You should have this on record.

Another week and still nothing. IT’S NOW BEEN OVER 2 MONTHS! WHAT’S GOING ON?