Its been 6 months and i am still locked out of my account.

I would like to be unlocked and able to buy things. I do not want to be told that i need to place a ticket, i have done that multiple times and nothing has worked. Can my account just be unlocked so i can buy things?

You’ll have to continue to go through support via ticket, since they are the only ones who can access and unlock your account. Nobody here on the forums has that ability.

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Open a new ticket here -

as for me i am wandering what u did for u to be banned as a buyer … as an authors they may have reasons for them to try to ban someone but apart from piracy issues or whatever lookalike thing, i do not understand what may lead u to be banned but this maybe a reason for them to try to permanently ban u indeed, maybe this is the reason why …

normally for anyone banned temporarily they should provide u a date to get your rights back … they suspended the whole account of an author a while ago for being violently opposed to them and the guy is supposed to be given his account back around april if i remember well …
i have been suspended myself for opening my mouth too much , they had revoked my right to upload but after 10 days i could get my rights back … but people are always told normally what they have to deal with

I havent done anything. I made an acount to buy stuff and it locked me out? Im still locked out and its been a year. What kind of website is this?

Support must have told you why you were locked out, right? Did they tell you what you had to do to reinstate your account?

Please help me my account is locked