Help me please.

Hi recently my account has been locked, so i worked hard for 2 years to do an item, and recently about 1 month i have published it successfully on market. I can’t belive, 3 days ago my accound has been disabled, but i worked 2 years, i spent 2 years to finish the item, and now i’m completely dissapointed, please help me to re-activate my account.

Thank you very much.

Accounts (esp. authors) are rarely blocked without good reason - did you have any email or contact explaining why your account was blocked?

If not then you need to contact support as no one in the forums will be able to resolve this. Envato Help & Support Center

Yes, i contacted help team, and they said that two years ago i had an disabled account, regarding to copyright infrigiment. That was about 2 years ago, they closed my account, but after 2 years i launched a new project created and writed by me from 0, that its not right to close my account for none. Please help me, im afraid.

We can’t help resolve the problem for you - this tends to only happen when it is about irregularities with items or account activity and ultimately only support can rectify the issue and if you have spoken to them already and they are not willing to reopen the account then there is nothing that you or anyone here will be able to do.