My account was blocked after attempting to purchase

My account is already 4 years old. During this time I bought a lot of software. The day before yesterday I wanted to buy another program, but after trying to buy my account was blocked. I did not do anything illegal and did not do anything that would violate the rules of this site. I wrote to Envato Help asking for my account to be unblocked, but they have not responded to me yet. My account is very important to me, as it contains many purchases I need.


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please Get in touch with Envato Market Support ASAP via this link

In the ‘Tell us more’ dropdown select:
‘My account is locked’

Also you should check this help articles:


I have already done these steps, but there is no answer.

Please keep patience. Envato support team will reply as quickly they can.

No one has answered me for several days now! Can you tell me how long it will take to solve this problem?

Reply can be delayed for weekend, holiday and volume size of open tickets. Usually it can take around 5 working days. Please don’t create multiple tickets and keep patience.