Questions about my blocked account

I have taken note of the pinned thread explaining the procedure to follow when our account has been blocked.

However, I just signed up and made an emergency purchase. So I’m quite disappointed that I can’t have direct access to the product.

I sent a message to support but did not receive any information by email indicating that this message has been sent.

So I come here to confirm the receipt of my message by the support, the problem being urgent.

Thank you.

Did you use this link: Envato Market Help and Support? Account matters can only be solved by support and they are quick to resolve them, but depending on the volume of tickets they are facing it can be delayed. Use the link I’ve mentioned and they’ll get back to you shortly! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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yes I did go through this link.

But I preferred to post this message in addition on the forum, worrying about the delay indicated on the support page (up to 7 days). My need is quite urgent.

It will not take 7 days, that’s for sure! Additionally, you can use Twitter to tweet your ticket number to @envato_help. As far as we know, account matters are set to high priority and they take care of in the shortest possible time.

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thank you for these relevant answers!

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Very glad to have helped!


my account has now been blocked for 24 hours and I do not have access to the product I ordered.

To be honest I am quite disappointed with the service, it not clarified that I would have to wait so long.

This order was intended for a customer and was expected to be delivered last night …

This message is for preventive purposes for future buyers who expect a quick purchase.

As a moderator, I cannot access your account information, so I cannot assist more than sending you to Envato Support where the Integrity Team will analyse all data and unlock your account.

The reason this can sometimes happen is because of anti-fraud measures in place to make sure fraudulent payments don’t slip by. The system is highly sensitive, and sometimes can have small false positives, for which we apologise, but the safety of your transactions and purchases, also the earnings the authors make must be taken seriously and treated with high attention!

Everyone needs to be protected in this age of digital frauds. Therefore, don’t worry about your account, it will definitely be reviewed and unlocked in the shortest possible time and Envato does have a dedicated team to handle account matters.

Sorry to see this situation happen in such a critical time for you, but you also have to understand that these reason aren’t in place to make your life harder, but to make everyone’s life safer in this digital payment era!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hello Team,

I am very disappointed in your services. My account has been blocked. I emailed twice but no solution was given. Can I no envato account use?

Please help me I need it.

Thank you.