Still hoping for ONE WP-theme-author with SAFETY on his mind ....

20 % of all private Homepages are built with Wordpress. Already more than 100.000 downloads of the “deactivate google-fonts” and also the blockers for Social Network Links like to Facebook or to Gravatar, extra Blockers against automated updates of all kind … a Wordpress User is forced to first purchase a Theme with all this stuff extra inbuilt - we proudly present that the giant spy machine google-fonts are already fix integrated, no chance to escape, and there ist also Facebook fix integrated, sending your visitors data straight to Zuckerberg to raise his ability to cover you and your visitors with commercial spam or sell those datas to election-influencers like google-fonts store your visitors datas like IPs and bank accounts in their cloud … and you proudly pay for this and feel so great that - like one of the authors of a copy I purchased told me - google fonts and social network connections make your life so much easier … MY life or the life of Facebook, Twitter and Google and the powers behind them ?

How many authors of Wordpress-Themes are here ? And not a single one to offer a SAFE Theme with free open source maps or the good old websafe fonts Arial, Verdana, Georgia and Times ? They have inbuilt natural line-heigths and are perfect to read for a normal educated human brain and a text in this form can be remembered easily - not so the google-texts, watch them : light grey lines hang around somewhere on the page. You cannot see where a sentence ends, a paragraph begins, its just for idiots reading with their fingers on a paper one letter after the other forming one word after the other - back to stone age with google - who cares about content of a blog, what counts are the datas of the users and visitors, their IPs, their connections, their bank accounts …

There is Openstreetmap, there are fine websafe fonts and the ability to upload any other font if I want one beside the system fonts (yes you can even try out google fonts and if you like one you can upload it and host it yourself so no spying of the google-cloud is possible !!)

I already have to use those extra widgets on my WP-blog:

  1. Disable All WordPress Updates
    Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.

2.Disable Google Fonts
Disable enqueuing of Open Sans and other fonts used by WordPress from Google.

  1. Disable Google Maps
    Stop loading google maps for not necessary or local development.

  2. Disable User Gravatar
    Stops wordpress from automatically grabbing the users’ gravatar with their registered email.

  3. Disable XML-RPC

6.Remove Open Sans font from WP core
Remove Google Fonts From WP default Themes,Remove Open Sans font from old WP core.

  1. Remove Google Fonts References

  2. WP DoNotTrack

Why 3 different google-font blockers ? We tried it out - only the combination of all of them is more or less safe !

Still missing blockers for those horrible language-translations inbuilt and that Font-awsome crap … you hardly can get rid of it and even if you cancel that out with the next update its back …

Beside that you must make all the updates all the time because of security reasonst - a smaller blog already wastes one third of all the server-requests just for the crap you want to get rid of but are forced to purchase it with a theme … with ALL the themes offered, no chance to have a choice !

You can see one already needs 8 different blockers just to be safe from the “hey all these great things are already inbuilt” and you pay for that - you pay for sending your and your users data to the biggest spy-giants on this planet. So why do authors integrate them ?

There are different possibilities:

Maybe some really are naiv and think its an advantage and nothing else …

Maybe they are forced to integrate it or otherwise are not allowed to use seller-platforms because they all are good friends of Google, Zuckerberg + Co ?

Maybe - and this is sure because in some scripts we found such a link - some authors lead every click on your blog first to their Social Network or their own blog and from there to their Social Network so YOU work and collect users not only for your blog, you also feed your theme-author and Google and Facebook. This seems to be their real income, not the amount they earn for a sold copy …

And there is still really not ONE single Wordpress or widget author amongst thousands saying: I sit down now and compose a clean, non tracking Wordpress-Theme with open source modules, a good panel of websafe fonts and a possibility to upload own self hosted fonts, own icons and I already integrate all the basic-blockers against google-fonts or gravatar and so on for the WP-core – 100.000 + downloads of google-fonts blockers will guarantee you more than 100.000 grateful users and customers for such a safe theme …

Please write one - I am the one purchasing the first copy !

I think it is the best that you close a site an give clients all info on paper and make orders over telephone but not mobile that is not enough safe.


Google provide an excellent service across all their products. If not for them you would not have street view - for free too! I love eating my lunch to different views of the world using this excellent tool:

Do google target you with adds? - Yes they do. This helps them keep their products free. Personally I don’t mind if they know that I like wine or that my garden fence is currently broken!

As for themes a lot of themes on here let you be GDPR compliant. Try:


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Google might provide whatever they want and whatever you find how it is but I dont want it and I dont want to be forced to use it … very simple, or not ?

btw I neither want googles ads nor want their products, not the free ones or any other ones … if you would be forced to write a warning in front of your themes WHAT kind of spy and surveillance scripts are in and what they are doing I am sure you would not sell 10 % … people wake up - and I hope some scripters will wake up too … 100.000 downloaded google-blockers proof it !

PS if you like google stuff then use it - I dont like it and I dont want to be forced to use it. Seems that I MUST be forced to use it that you can use it for free – if you want something pay for it and dont force me to pay with my security and independence that you can use that stuff for free !

you surely give me your password for your bank account - yes ? and you always leave your door open, your car open …people like you are the wet dream of those spying out the whole planet … become adult !

So if you are right, what exactly do they do with my bank password or any of the information that they gather? No money has gone missing from my accounts so far and I have used google et al for years!

And why you are looking for WP if you will disable/remove all this?

Hire developer to code your site (your custom solution), why using CMS? On this way you can have control over each part.

what are all the big surveillance masters are interested in ? In your connections first of all … what kind of people visit you, how are they connected, how are they organized, how do they behave …

one of the simple examples is that you look for a special product on the net to purchase … they check your background and look: what kind of computer ? cheap or expensive one ? what kind of OS? whicht town ? a good expensive district or a slum ? did you attend university or are you a worker ? who are your friends, your connections ? with good education living in a good district you see a higher price for the same product than a worker in a suburb … this is just a simple example …

Another example is that organizations they dont like but which are not against the law suddenly dont get any bank account anymore, get no job anymore and to all people or those who seem to be closer involved visiting their blog might happen the same … it just happend to a friend of mine - lost bank account, lost his job - why ? he posted on a blog the government does not like though its not against the law … all your information you send to google. facebook, twitter … can be grabbed by the system … not only for commercial reasonst but most of all for political reasons. With offshore hosting for everybody they nearly lost control – with “800 free fonts” they got back this control and people evern are clapping … its a tradgedy but our big hope is the blockchain - the more they spy on us the faster we will develope it … but until then I dont want to be forced to use google, facebook and alle the other spy stuff inside a Wordpress Theme … if someone wants it - ok, one click and he can download this widget - but for those who dont want it there must be clean Themes offered -you cannot force people to use that stuff just because you want some free products … and most of all people must be warned what these trackers and cloud-fonts are doing with them --customers and users MUST have the choice do decide - to force them must be against the law … anti-coocki-law is a beginning !

why should I ? Why am I forced to spend a lot of money if there is a free open software ? Its more the other way round … why not downloading widgets for google fonts or facebook connections if you want them but dont force everybody to use them and use a lot of widgets to block it?
Free software like Wordpress most of all must be safe and neutral for everybody - if you want tracking and spying extras - its up to you to download or develope them … but you must respect those who dont want it … very simple …

This is from your first post:

So, again, why you will use it if you will disable upcoming updates and on this way make your site unsafe?

And yes, you will need to spend much more money - everything has its price.

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very simple - I want to know WHAT updates come. I want to decide by myself IF or WHEN I do updates - clear ? I dont want to send permanent information from my server to unknown host like updaters --also clear ?

I can understand that people must accept this when using wordpress. com … its THEIR server

But I decide by myself what happens on MY server - -once again - you understand ?

Amazing! They are very clever then. I hope they are successful. I would love google to take over the world! They are very efficient and have very nice branding. It would make paying my taxes something I love.

I am changing all my fonts to google.

Good Luck to them.

All is clear for me my friend, but not sure about you…

You want to use something (WP in this case) and then to disable all options, and all plugins, widgets and to control all this. Also you want to know WHAT updates come? You will check every single line in WP core files to see what is updated?

Again, for you is the best custom solution where you know every single line of code in your site, clear?

However, wish you all the best!

no need to change all of the fonts - one API is enough ! and finally you will have no choice if you pay your taxes or not - Big Brother is closer than most of you imagine …

But - I am sure that very soon somebody will create a clean and safe Wordpress-Theme and it WILL sell
Google, Facebook & Co will only survive and remain powerful if they collect as much as possible before the Blockchain will take over … and until then - I am sure - a lot of users will change to a clean and spyfree software if offered - and most of all if they are warned why they should not use google or other trackers …

Its very simple - dont force people using it and you will see how many will prefer a safe software ! Nobody forces YOU not to use it so dont use others into google and facebook

I disable those options I dont want. Hundredthousands of users disable those options as you can see from the Widget-downloads

First they offer free software and as soon as Millions of people use it they build in a lot of spyware … and I should accept this ? no not really and I am not the only one …

As I said - the basics must always be free and safe – whoever wants spyware in it can download it extra -. not the other way round !

I have access to many many sites - but until now did not use google fonts or type-kit.

Incidentally, How do you know that do not spy on you? Perhaps they too are part of this all powerful cartel ?

of course is spying on us … Mullenberg is the owner of Gravatar and this stuff is activated the moment you install Wordpress - this is one of the reasons why I use a Gravatar Blocker too !

btw why do you think that Facebook or Twitter or even Envato are using websafe fonts and not google-fonts ?


so simple !!

It would be great if we’d talk about what theme/plugin authors can do. About ideas, not about conspiracies.

Let’s not talk here about Big Brother, conspiracies, world domination and so on. We are a community of creative people, let’s keep the discussion on topic, according to our Community Guidelines.

A valid point, interesting to discuss - is how to keep theme/plugin options to minimum versus offer the most customizable item. The points mentioned in the first post are interesting, let’s discuss them without conspiracy theories :wink: :hugs:

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We all know that developing for stock marketplaces is very different from building a custom site or client project. While quality will trump quantity, its impossible to predict each and every customer’s needs, desire, technical expertise or security concerns, so at least some level of versatility has to be considered.

As a big buyer, we prefer themes where practical functionality and less is more, but we can sympathize (and the data speaks for itself) that diverse options do sell.

It seems sensible for authors to develop with these added features, with the scope for them to be removed or turned off, as opposed to the other way around and developing to a minimum with scope to add or extend features and functionality using 3rd party scripts or plugins (which is more likely to create issues).

Without going down the conspiracy theory road, I’m not sure that what Google fonts potentially track is quite that serious, but unfortunately, there will be similar issues with any web fonts, and with the way things work today, the popularity of social networks, and even the core functions of WordPress itself, entirely sidestepping these situations will be difficult.

In German we have a saying: Long speech, short sense

A short question:

If a WP-Theme author offers you a safe theme without any google, without any social network-trackers and without any other trackers but with an inbuilt blocker for the WP.-core-google font and automated updates and so on … WOULD YOU LIST IT AND LET IT SELL ON YOUR PLATFORM ??

Because - if anybody wants to extend his Theme with google-fonts- he can do by loading down one widget
on the other hand - fixed inbuilt google fonts are not only ugly and even if I block them I never can get the natural font-behaviour of websafe fonts like Arial etc … but I also need meanwhile 3 different blocker-widgets to be more or less safe of google fonts - not counted the other google-blockers I need like map-blocker and adsense-blocker etc
most of my users use ad-blocker - me too - and I need an extra blocker to block inbuilt adsense and and and … meanwhile more than one third of my server requirements go to blockers for stuff I dont want and I dont need …

its very simple - offer both and let customers decide what they want AND explain why - because most users have no idea what is going on behind the scripts ! But - 100.000 downloads of google-fonts blockers show a growing critical community - and they have a right to purchase software without being forced using all kind of trackers and/or use extra blockers to get more ore less rid of it – higher sever costs for these extras, slow performence because of so many blockers … and always updates and upgrades because the devil never sleeps

100.000 google fonts blockers are an order to offer google-free Wordpress - thats simple
Nobody is forced to avoid google
but nobody should be forced to use or accept it !
thats simple - or not ?
So please - offer google- and facebook and tracker free wordpress themes on this platform - 100.000 user are a very good argument !