I'm a little concerned...

Hi fellow members,

I want to get back into designing and developing themes for ThemeForest. Once again i’m having a hard time to convince myself in moving forward with my project.

Just browsing the categories and different themes i notice they all have one thing in common, a theme is not ‘A’ theme its a blimin monster. I mean wtf! Thats cool, my client would love 50 different homepages and a 1000 different headers, sure why not?

Yep im a little disgruntled as you might notice. Do these guys have a team of a hundred behind them… anyways i’m looking for some advice.

What would be the best way of going about in creating one of these, i mean in structure of development. Each design created by a child theme? a select box option that changes the styles? A ton of page templates? a ton of headers.php files…? i need a push in the right direction.

I notice some themes you can click a ‘Install’ button for the desired layout you want, that’s pretty cool too.

I might sound hypocritical but i’m used to creating a simple no mega bundled theme, but it seems this is what the buyer wants in these competive times…


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Id suggest to look at things differently

Rather than adding yet another bloated monster of a theme to an already massive pile cookie cutter themes that have flooded the marketplace, work to your strengths and keep going down the light, no plugins route

A good quality, simple theme is still desirable and could help you carve yourself a niche

My 2 cents anyway


Thankyou. Some good advice.

Yep niche. Unbloated. What you see is what you get. We’re going that way.


I can’t stand themes that have way to many options, I think authors tend to forget that most of the people who purchase products on here are website developers ect… or they are ‘in the know’ and can make slight changes with a bit of googling, so why waste the time when customers are going to customize the theme themselves anyway!

Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Make something that’s unique and all yours.



Your opinions is correct from my side, I also seen that all themes have common contents and features that always return:

Theme options (colors, logos, socials…)
Components (testimonials, images gallery, lightbox)

Due every day the software of all web included Wordpress themes become more big, complex and good. The work behind them become every time more big. This is why there is a contstant research for do more by write less code, this is the only way for write bigger software in the same amount of time.

I’m the authors of Y | The Theme: http://wordpress.framework-y.com/, this is a framework for develop Wordpress themes that will be available for sales on Themeforest within some week, if you are interested we can discuss for a collaboration that allow you to develop a Wordpress theme with this framework and sell on Themeforest. I not allow this for others authors and I will not allow in near future. Currently I want try with only 1-2 authors.

Using a framework like this will save you 80% of work and you will be able to focus only on design and custom features. I already used this for 3 HTML templates that you can see on my TF portfolio. My last work is http://templates.framework-y.com/material/demo-main/ and required 20 days for the HTML version + 10 days for Wordpress version.

If you are interested contact me at fede@pixor.it

Cheers :wink:
Federico Schiocchet

I don’t see how anyone in right mind would purchases bloatware themes.

I see it this way: you buy it once and use it multiple times (with different layouts for different clients) with only one license. If you really think someone is checking up on you then you’re mistaken :slight_smile: That’s what most “Studios” :grin: do…

well their loss. I find custom website market much more lucrative and fullfeeling compared to TF theme resale business.

Without a big in-house team, I’m not sure how I would be able to create one of these “monsters” :slight_smile: I am a one-woman-show and it would take me at least a year to develop something like that.

Also, it does not seem so lucrative anymore. There are lots of the established mega-bundle 100-demos multipurpose themes out there already and they sell very well. I mean… 70 sales in a week? For a year or two? WOW!

But vast majority of the new ones, although well-designed, don’t have such strong sales and can be compared to a well-designed niche minimal theme in terms of sales. I feel as though this multipurpose category might be oversaturated.

I’d start with something smaller, very well-designed, well-written and unbloated. Good luck!

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