nob need your help guys !




I am new in wordpress theme development and I would like to ask if it is ok to create a theme based on genesis framework and sell it here in themeforest ?



As you said you’re new to wordpress theme developement - I wouldn’t be going for selling right away if I was new to something. Themes are a lot of work.
Genesis framework, as far as I know, requires the potentional buyer to also buy seperately the genesis framework. I’ve seen these kind of themes on other marketplace but I have no idea how well they’re selling. I like to browse these themes if they’re pretty but I have no need to dig into that framework, so I wouldn’t buy one.
Just my opinion, maybe other people have different one :slight_smile:


thank you for your reply


There used to be a genesis child theme category but I believe it was abandoned because buyers has to buy the genesis product too