Can I Submit a Genesis Framework's Wordpress Child Theme to Sell?

Hello authors!

Well, the title says it all. I’m willing to create some Wordpress themes to sell on Themeforest and I’m wondering whether I could use the Genesis Framework as a foundation of my theme (wich would be a child theme of Genesis).

Thanks in advance!

No, because it requires Genesis to work and Genesis is premium./

Thanks for your reply. Even if I have a developer license? because they say that you can use Genesis on an unlimited number of sites.

Yes even then, because you cant add it to Envato, it will be like reselling it, so no it is not allowed.

Very clear thank you. It must either be a regular standalone theme or a
child theme of an open source framework.

Why you do not try “


Genesis is much easier to build a theme with I believe, while Underscores takes time to learn (very difficult in the beginning, but after learning and adapting through lots of trial and error, it becomes very clear, for me anyway).

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