need suggestions from authors


hi envato authors,
me and one of my friend decided to make a living by selling themes and plugins on evato market…
i neeeded some suggestion on themes…
i bought genesis framework, can we sell child themes of genesis on themeforest?
can we sell child themes of already known themes here, like couponxl child theme?
on an average, if their is only 1 developer, how much hours are spent on making a good theme?
what type of theme are easy/fast to make and good to start with?

would love to here from everyone and want some suggestions…



I believe so (check with envato) but they won’t sell much

No not as stand alone products and definitely not without permission of the original authors

Forget hours - it is weeks at the very least if not months

This is a very dangerous attitude for a new author. The best advice anyone can give you is that this is not a quick earner marketplace. The standards are very high and the marketplace very competitive. To succeed here takes time, patience and skills

You’re best bet is to develop themes that are fully original and take your time to familiarize yourself with the necessary standards and expectations here.


was expecting that only…

thanks for the help and WARNING .we now will work hard day and night to make a genuine useful and creative theme…

may i know what is the most common factors which leads to rejection of themes/plugins by envato?


Common problems are the obvious like outdated or unoriginal designs, poor coding, lack of features…

The bottom line is there needs to be the "premium feel’ - this is a balance of enough functionality but even more so the way in which it is delivered and the attention to detail in quality over quantity.

That’s what we mean by people assuming its a quick and easy earner - too often people rush to start selling and disregard the high standards here, which in the ling run actually wastes time and takes longer


thanks for the help…
will surely keep this in mind…


Hi csaksham! I just posting on other thread, but I think it good for you too Another rejection & I don't know why

As long as you keep digging, trying, you’ll learn a lot and be better each time! :slight_smile: Good day


its a VERY BIG HELP for a newbie like me!