Thoughts about themes?

Hi everyone,

I just built a new HTML template. The category will for this theme be Business/Corporate. I want to know that the theme I made is eligible for ThemeForest or not? Is the design okay, or I have to customize it? It will be a great help if you guys can help me out.


Home page and several are done responsive. I will make the other pages responsive too later. I want to know is the design or layout is okay or not.
Thanks everyone!

SI Fahim


You have started well but need more some content in your item.
I have saw your item. You have to improve your item design quality have to make it unique & aesthetic design themeforest then your item will approved. Still not ready for themeforest i think that.

hope you understand.


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With respect this is still a long way off the standards:

  • issues with typography, spacing, consistency

  • concept is so over done that without something pixel perfect in design and fresh features or functionality then it is going to really struggle

  • colours and styling feel quite outdated

  • that index page is a long way from mobile optimised

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