Wp starter pack and wp magnum and similar... will envato do something about them?

Hi, well let’s start it if somebody did not yet.

Since I am not allowed to link them here, similar pages as these sites are selling massive packs of tf themes under one tiny price, under the mask of tf authors selling under GPL.

Now lately one of our themes has popped up there and we are getting support questions from clients that bought them there.

For some time now I was tracking a bit comments on Facebook and for example, some closed groups here in Slovenia and people are actually buying there and they are generating relatively a lot of traffic.

So they are advertising:
Top Premium WordPress & WooCommerce products for just 199USD 29USD! All that your business needs is here! Package worth over 20 000USD+. Save money and build beautiful websites using uncountable number of demos, features, and plugins!

Now my question is Envato going to do something, or try to do something. There are a lot of themes/plugins that are not sold under GPL here including ours and are still there.

Or is this sadly again our own fight to battle? Since this is not pirating this is blunt stealing and reselling.

Hope we get some help, or least we should band together and do something.



You need to deal with by on your own. Search the forum, you’re not the only one with this case but you can report the website to their hosting provider or Google as a start

So nothing has changed even for such blunt violations in which they offer a pack of all premium themes and actual sell them. Funny

For what it’s worth I really don’t think it’s that envsto don’t care.

  • The issue is far from exclusive to here (it’s just more obvious because there are significantly more items scalable via envato compared to other marketplaces)

  • copyright laws are pretty clear, that any complaints have to come from the IP owner i.e. the author. I know they can nominate third parties (in some cases) but envato making that an accessible option would be a huge resource strain and open uncomfortable legal doors

  • ultimately as fast as you close these sites down, they will be back in a matter of days. The owners are not the type of people who care about the law.

Hi, you are righ. I saw today on Instagram Stories as an Advertising (Turkey). This is terrible for all of authors/sellers, and Envato, and buyers. Theft continues.

If you a buyer/user don’t buy anything from they. This method is illegal and the files are likely to contain malicious codes.

Hello, I also have a QuickStart problem. It installs correctly. The template is on the server. I can edit it and everything works. After a few days, no website works. Message on page Error 0, Page not found.
I will add that when I go to “SP Page Buldier” I can see all pages but when I go to every page I see Error 0.
The panel works normally.
When I change the template from the one I installed and bought, the pages are displayed. What should I do?

Actually this is a pack directly stolen from envato, and the issue is that there are quite a few of these sites and from doing a little research it is a same company / person behind it. To be effective here, hole buch of authors would have to band together, it would be much easier for envato to chalenge them. A nice letter from envato lawyers would scare them enough.

As I mentione we are getting support querries from clients that bought there. Now the good thing is that we managed to convince 1 to get official licence. And this kind of authors effort brings profit to envato.

So it’s beyond me why Envato refuses to help/act in any way vs this kind of things.

And in this case they are claming that they abide by the law because of GPL licence.


Stolen? I bought it on the EvatoMarket website

@Anps I think I found the website you are complaining about (or a very similar one) and just reported it to the registry. I suggest you do the same.

So, why you post to this topic? This is not about your Theme/Product.

Can you try contact with your Author on Envato?


I am not for one second condoning this or suggesting that it is in any way right.

The unfortunate fact remains that as fast as envato took action (assuming that they would - I am no lawyer but I am not sure it is quite that easy), then many of the unscrupulous people behind these sites really don’t care, and even if they were to take the site down, it would almost certainly just appear again somewhere else soon after

Update: the website I reported got suspended by the registry. Maybe @charlie4282 is right, but at least I am dealing some damage to the unscrupulous people :smile: