Feedback 🕵 Needed for Our First Wordpress Theme

Hello All experienced folks :man: :woman: and creative members :nerd: of our great envato community, :v:

I need a few minutes of yours to put feedback on my MULTIPURPOSE WP Theme for ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

Please check: from there You will find 5 demos. Please Look in to those.

Humble Request: Please ignore page speed, We have put quality images in shared hosting so speed is a bit slow right now. :frowning:

We are doing this first time still, We did lots of research and tests. But, Not sure If It’s ready for submission or not.

As Respond time of wordpress is 33 days right now, So I want to test all as much as possible before submission.

Thanks in advance. I am really open to all your constructive feedbacks.

Warm Regards,

Identified as Malware and blocked as a dangerous website - might want to do something about that

Thanks for your comment. But, That is crazy. Works perfect at my end. Which kind of error It shows at your end, Can you send me screenshot?

Thanks for your point out. I have added website on google webmasters and applied for reconsideration of malware activity as well as tested it on some tools. Nothing found yet but It would be solved soon after reconsideration by google.

1.) It took forever to load
2.) Scrolling experience is horrible, I am testing it on Firefox on OSX, it scrolls way too fast
3.) Too much animation everywhere
4.) I like the header on “The Movie2” template, but everything else is bad, this has no chance being approved. Try to focus on quality instead of quantity.

LSVRthemes, Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Yes. Loading is issue. But, I know how to manage that llater on.
  2. I have just tested on firefox OSX, Completely agree with you about, It’s working specially on scroll. I will remove that scroll effect or find out something which will work fine cross browser. That scrolling works amazing in windows firefox.
  3. Ok. I will look in to that animation part as well.
  4. Thanks about header part. And Thanks for your true review without being humble :slight_smile:. I will really look in to all things again, But I want this theme to be on themeforest at any cost.

Can you give me any tips on this about how can I improve current demos? Your words will really help us to fulfil our dream. Looking forward to some tips from your side.

Warm Regards.

Seems Norton have blacklisted site. I will look into that. I am giving you assurity that there is nothing malicious so can you ignore the notice and look into demos?

Focus on one design only. It doesn’t make sense trying to create several VERY different designs if you are not able to come up with even single good one. I would say work on “The Movie2” one, header looks interesting. Again, think quality over quantity. Keep attention to every small detail, every single pixel is important.

@LSVRthemes Ok. Thanks a lot for your words. I will rethink on things and take appropriate decision. And Will keep in mind about quality over quantity.

I don’t think so its going to be accepted.


Thanks for your response. But Can you reply in brief so I may have idea what should I do to improve or what I am doing wrong on this. Your detailed feedback really help us to improve.


A few tips:

  1. Don’t modify scroll speed at all… personally I hate websites that do that.
  2. Try and refine the typography, Choose a nice font and increase line height. Use fewer fonts per page. 2-3 maximum.
  3. It’s almost there but you need to add that final refining touch. It’s not as bad as some items I’ve seen approved lately.


You asked me through private message to have a look, so here we go:

FranklinM2 and LSVRthemes have already made good comments. Some elements are great, but some elements definitely need more work.

  • Headings; almost all headings-font in the demos are visually not working. Maybe you tried to be more unique, I should say stick to the UI/UX best practices in terms of color choice, size, and font-face.
  • Overall Typography; You should rework this: letter-spacing, line-height, readability, and hierarchy
  • Sometimes Less is More; not everything has to be flashy and not every section needs a (pattern)background. For me personally, it’s too much and too crowded.
  • Don’t fear the (white)space; Don’t fear the whitespace give elements and sections enough margin and padding and be consistent this will help to give your pages a certain rhythm and prevents the clutteredness.

Get the foundation/basics right first, before diving into the fancy stuff. Plan out (beforehand) the design language, set up rules and guidelines for your theme to follow. Because my general impression is that the design is everywhere.

Don’t rush your first theme, I see some potential but you are not there yet and it needs a higher attention to detail for it to have a chance of approval.


As other says, some of your elements looks good. I think you should focus on your typography.
I wish you will get accepted :slight_smile:

Hi , There’re many nice elements in your theme , But you need to work more on typography and animation … It’s a bit laggy on chrome .

You may want to use better images for section backgrounds


Also some sections need improvements … For example “BOOK TICKETS NOW.”

And I’m not sure about using brand icons in your preview “Apple , Google … etc” , I think it’s not allowed .

Good luck .


Personally I like the animations, because as I can see your target market is entertainment industry and big amounts of animations aren’t that big issue in that industry (e.g. it can definitely be a problem for a business or financial theme).

What I didn’t like was typography. I’m feeling like it isn’t elegant enough. Even the fonts and/or the letter-spacing and font weights should be revised.

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@FranklinM2 Thanks for taking time to gave feedback on my WP template.

  1. I have tried to give some fancy and difference throughout the template because of industry I am targeting. But I will look in to scroll speed and try to make it as normal as possible so some one don’t feel too abnormal while browsing.
  2. Sure. Thanks for suggestion. I will try different versions and make it better.
  3. Thanks a lot for positive words. I will improve all remaining things.

Thanks again. I will ask for your feedback after all updates.

@_eightmad Yes. I have sent that message. Thanks for your valuable response.

  • Ok. I will revise heading and typography as per your suggestion.

  • Yes. Some sections are crowded. I will try to make those better as much as possible.

  • We have used very less white space around. I will learn more on and implement that where possible on design.

Thanks for all points and teaching me some points on design, I will do more research on all points and implement as much as possible. And Yes, In design Detailing is everything. Every great designer should have very sharp eyes on details.

@wpcohort Yeah. Thanks. I am wishing the same :grinning: