Just another noob guy looking for feedback


I like it.

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I’m glad you like it :smiley: , May I ask you which demo you prefer ?

They all look good to me. Keep in mind I’m not really a ‘proper designer’, I just cobble together spaceships and planets and the like, so some people might come along with comments on the white space, the alignment and the kerning and the padding and all that jazz… but as somebody who buys items on the site, occasionally Wordpress stuff, I think it looks very nice!

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It’s beautiful, but it’s very common. Try to bring new elements. Also you can make some small changes to the header. Good Luck

Thank you for comment, So do you think it will be soft rejected ? and what about the header could you suggest me some changes.

More comments are welcome :smile:

It is nice - definitely needs more originality to it.

Might be worth testing different fonts for the copy too - maybe something sharper/more aggressive -without going OTT just as a comparison as it might drive away from the generic look and feel.

What about other pages e.g. post page (multiple types), about, masonry layout etc?

I am not so keen on V3 - I just don’t see what the post align to with the rest of the page?

Perosnally not a fan of the blue divider lines but that could just be me

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Hey Charlie

take a look at that DEMO please…

the post pages had 2 layouts one with full width feature image and full width content and the other layout with boxed normal feature image.

theme comes with 4 post types(audio, video, quote, normal). iam thinking about adding other post format a new one not in the wordpress core a GIF format just instance of the feature image will be a normal image with a play button to play the gif animation, will be as a plugin for sure not with the theme core files, need your advise about that ?

masonry layout ? recommend me a good jquery plugin a one that doesn’t heart the performance and i will do it.

I’m showing a screenshot for the V3 just to show the header, but the layout as i said will be completely different just titles and meta with a big margin on the left and right.

the image cant tell every thing, the theme is fully ajaxified with a nice css transition and real time load progress bars and a smart content filter that is filter the content based on the current page. also the customizer had more than 200+ option the experince for most of these options is optimized with the help of javascript for example if you tried to change the h1 font you don’t have to wait until the page reload again the font will load and will be immediately applied for all the h1 elments.

the demo url will be ready very soon and I really need your help to try that.


GIFs - there are loads of plugins (not even sure it can’t be done natively) check out https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/animated-gif-as-featured-image-in-wordpress/

The masonry layout is becoming quite common in most themes here - that said if you are not comfortable coding it then maybe avoid it because wherever possible you need to avoid more plugins than necessary and even if you had one it will still need skinning etc to work inline with your theme.

Look forward to seeing a working version

@SpaceStockFootage @thezoc @charlie4282

Hey guys…

Please take a look at Demo3 and give me your feedback and your personal opinions.


A vast improvement esp on the posts - they’re really nice.

Footer could be improved with widgets and not 100% sure the diamond icons for the design.

I’d also test other colours beyond the green read mores - or even a darker deeper green if you really want that colour. It’s quite an elegant design and that colour is a bit flat looking

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Charlie you are awesome !

hmm I thought green is tough enough to not be flat, any way I picked that color randomly form the header image :smile: but yes I agree with you

Take a look at that image footer widgets and the colors are okay ?

I understand why you are not 100% sure about the diamond shape maybe because they are commonly used with flat and doesn’t look so minimal, but they change on hover watch this also give me your opinion about the animations

P.S the post pages in the previous video will have another fluid layout to work with the third demo.

Widgets look nice - still not 100% on that green especially as a drop cap background in the video but, that said I am not sure it is ground for rejection. Try and see what you think of #00504b

Only thing to consider with the icons is that you have circular ones on posts, square ones in the sidebar etc. and it should be consistent throughout (although I would use transparent icons in the footer with solid fill on hover).

Top five widget keep all number circles one colour

The animations/page transitions themselves are nice

One thing you might want to consider (seeing it in the animation) - try dropping the line height on the post /author copy a little bit. The posts are nice but the actual copy feels a bit like the line height is quite widely spaced

Good choice ! loved the color

the line height maybe doesn’t work with this font, the live demo for this post page will be like this changing the line height value could be little hard since all of these values are calculated by the compass to stay in the same vertical alignment, but from what I see you have a smart eyes so tell me please do you think they still need more work even with this font ?

Also I have other question about the copyright for my files can I sell or give my product to any customer I have directly without going back to envato ?

It looks better in the post demo - it is a brave font … sightly off the usual but does work with the design.

Copyright wise - it depends on if you are an exclusive author. If you are exclusive then no you can;t distribute it elsewhere even for free. If you are non exclusive then yes you can

hmmm that’s mean’s if I’am an exclusive author then I don’t own my files any more…

Thanks Charlie your comments are really really helpful.

On the contrary you are ALWAYS the copyright holder. Envato is just the marketplace on which you sell them.

The exclusivity does not change anything it just restricts how/where your can distribute them (nothing to do with ownership)

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Header - I prefer sticky and centered header.
All the rest - fine :slight_smile: I like the clarity at the page :slight_smile:

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