Need Feedback Guys. See This New WordPress Theme. Are We on the Right Track?

Out last submission was hard rejected so we took all feedback into account (modern typography, white space, loading effects, consistency, gaps, colors, high quality images etc) and put together a new design. Apart from the slider text, About Us page and a few others, the site is mostly complete.

Please, really appreciate if you guys can have a look and tell us if this is good enough for ThemeForest. Any constructive criticism, even if it’s minor, towards getting us accepted will be highly appreciated from the community. Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

Looks good to me, If i were you, i will replace Arial font with Roboto Slab or some thing like this. The sections which uses “Arial” i don’t think its going with your overall theme (That’s my suggestion could right or wrong)

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Looks good but needs fine tuning in my opinion. Maybe lacking in features a little. Also there are some inconsistencies with line heights, take a look at the services page at the box headings.

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It’s good :smiley: just add some more features and consider a better content font.
Text inputs has border radius, it’s not match and should be fixed

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@themevendors - Thanks pal. I’ll certainly do that. Thanks for the encouragement.

@elusivethemes - Thanks a lot man (for pointing out the Services page). Can you please tell me what sort of “features” you’re referring to? A few names or URLs would do :slight_smile: TIA!

@leafcolor - Thanks bro :smiley: (font, text input border radius). Could you tell me what type of features you’re referring to please. TIA :sunny:

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else if there’s more feedback.

Anyone else?

I noticed this stretched logos safari + macbook pro. here

Also, “Our Packages” block, in my opinion, should be responsive to window height. It doesn’t fit even on the 2560x1440. I understand its a unique element, but still I would expect to be able to view entire image on any resolution.

Over all - its a great design and wish you all the best.

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@waituk - Thank you. Very helpful stuff pal. :slight_smile: