My First WordPress Theme!

Hello to everyone,

finally my first WordPress Theme has been approved on ThemeForest!

Freedom - Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

Opinions, suggestions and any feedback are welcome!

Thank you Envato! :smiley: :tada::confetti_ball:

Congrats :confetti_ball: and good luck with sales. As a side note verify the scrollTo right now it is not working.

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Thanks @hawk95!

The scrollTo works to me. Where doesn’t work?

On homepage, when I click on the menu items nothing happens.

Are you sure?

Try again, it works correctly.

Congrats :wink:

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On chrome it’s not working, on firefox it’s ok also the delay between when it start scrolling and the item click is too big.

It works also on Chrome to me, however I have reduced the delay.

OK, perhaps is something wrong on my end. You will see what others say about this.

Ok, thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Congrarulations for the approval. :tada: Welcome to themeforest. Good luck for tbe sales :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MyMusicID and @janxcode_team! :smiley:

Congrats @RBWebDesign !!! Keep it up !!!

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Thanks! :smiley: