Starter video tutorial for dummies

Hi - I am new to envato - subscibed today and totally lost. Have NO clue where to start and how I can go about editing text on a video, adding my logo. Sent an email to helpdesk and expecting a reply in 7 DAYS …what?

however, if anybody can help me or tell me if there are video tutorials somewhere I would really appreciate it!


Just to be clear item support comes from the author and not envato.

The answer you need will depend entirely on what item you bought, how it was created, the author’s approach to documentation etc.

What’s the item link?

Hi Charlie, and thank you very much for getting back to me.
I subscribed (free month) to envato elements because I want to make my own videos for my social media. Putting in products, launching new ones etc.
I was under the impression (from a few videos I saw) that I could easily download any of the video in stock and add what I needed to add (including my logo)
But I am totally lost.
How do I create from scratch, using one of the downloaded, adding music etc.
Can you direct me to some tutorial for dummies?

Thank you Catia

Again it totally depends on the item and what software it’s built in. There is no “one size fits all” answer.

Without knowing what the item is then it’s hard to advise and even then forum members don’t have item specific knowledge (This would require author support which is not available through elements downloads) so any instructions will be fairly generic

Thanks for your reply Charlie, can you please explain

Share the link for the item you are trying to edit eg this will determine the software being used

That’s just stock footage - If you have software like After Effects or Premier, then you could create a project using this as an asset and add logos/text but you won’t be able to edit this directly

Thank you Charlie, I thought it was all in the package when subscribing.
This means that I need to add the software after effects or premier, would you suggest one better than the other?

It depends what you plan to do but with respect these are not really beginner tools.

I’m not personally the best person to advise on video software but possibly something like iMovie or the windows equivalent would be easier

Thank you Charlie. You have been very helpful.

Any good resources on how to use iMovie?

It’s pretty basic but if you need pointers then YouTube is probably a free and good place to start