BRAND NEW TO THIS - Downloaded 2 Video Templates, How Do I Add Text and Photos?

I AM BRAND NEW TO THIS. Please direct me in the right direction to get started. I downloaded 2 Video Templates, How Do I Add Text and Photos? Do I need to download a video creator program like After Effects? They look like .aep files.

I just need to change out the text and add pictures. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks!

It depend on what software the files are created in e.g. could be after effects or premiere etc in which case you will need this to edit it.

If it’s just stock video or motion graphics then these can’t be edited.

What’s the item links?


Try to start not with the stock video, and learning the basics, you can Google your questions, watch tutorials (Envato tuts, Youtube), do as you will be most convenient to study, try to create something yourself, no need to try and automate the initial process, through this all, you are just so tighten your process of learning to feel in a week the effect of your work,

create something every day, I am sure you will succeed. You can consult with friends, acquaintances, find forums of people with similar interests, create a topic on envato, but you can do anything, only within the law

Have a nice day!