Envato Editor


I am new to Envato and I have a question.
Is there an editor for the assets? Or, would I need to adjust designs using Adobe, Canva, etc?
I am thinking of getting the membership for Elements as I do a bit of marketing and it seems like it could be useful, but… the stock video footage isn’t actually useful without a decent editing tool.

You need your own version of the relevant software to edit items

In the case of video that will most likely be Premier, After Effects etc.

Thanks Charlie. That’s what I thought. I imagine this would also be true of other products such as the social media templates. I have access to creative cloud so I should be able to edit the envato templates without much fuss-once I figure out how to use that.


Yup Adobe CC will cover the vast majority of items - each one tells you what file format(s) are included so you can pre-empt what you will need

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