Special Circumstance Review

Good day fellas,

Just saw that my latest video uploads waiting in the queue are marked as “Special Circumstance”. It means files require “extra review” and it will take longer than usual.

I tried to think what’s so special are about those videos but couldn’t find any reason why they would need special review process.

Maybe somebody had an experience with “Special Circumstance” situation? What was the reason(s) for this investigation? Can it be just system flagging all the latest uploads with this message?

It would be great to hear your experiences with similar situation!

How many have you got in the queue? That might be the reason.

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Got them twice, initial reviewer might have needed clarification from a senior/another reviewer.
No big deal, just a little more delay. I wouldn’t worry.


In the moment I wrote this post I had 70+ items waiting and last 17 (from 3 different shootings) was marked with “SC”. But I don’t think this is because of the quantity. :slight_smile: 70 is not big number. I had moments with 200 files waiting so…

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: Don’t worry be happy.

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Yeah it’ll be because of the quantity then. I have about 60 items waiting and it says on the help pages that uploading in bulk is one of the reasons for special circumstance.

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