Special circumstances ! Share your experiences please.


Hello! Please tell me how much last “special circumstances”? I’m sure many have faced with this status. Share your experiences please. Maybe there are some interesting stories about it … I am in a very long waiting and patience is over and I get nervous … need your support … in the form of information … Thank you very much …


I uploaded a whole batch of 30 odd sounds that were not (as should have been) treated as special circumstances and reviewed as normal.


I’m sorry , I do not quite understand what you write , my english is bad…


I mean they were not reviewed in a batch.


Ouu… I understand. Thank you. I think any information will be useful… for those who will get into such situation…


Anybody else?


I hope this information will be useful for audiojungle authors! And maybe audiojunle administration pay attention to it!
I received the status of “special circumstances” on 11 May. The items has been downloaded ~ April 13th !!! Now June 28, and all of my items (more than 120 items (lots of sound effects)) just got the status of “special circumstances” … So I made a conclusion …

Tip: If you receive a “special circumstances” - remove all position in dashboards and download 1-2 a day … Yes, you have to wait about a month to re-review, but it is faster than waiting for a review of “special circumstances” … Good luck !!!