Time Reviewing / Special Circumstance


Hi, my name is Valerio Giovine and i’m a composer of film music, indie / post rock and trip hop. Lately I had loaded thirty songs on AudioJungle, but are 18 days that are still in Review. Now they tells me Special Circumstance, I don’t know what to do, it seems absurd that an artist has to wait all these days and maybe even take them songs but reject them, I hope they accept so what should I do to you?


20 days have passed and still nothing, what can I do?


Hi friend, I recommend send a support ticket with your situation


go to your dashboard, and see the uploads’s status.
But don’t worry right now has lots of items to be approved and usually first time authors have the double waiting time


I hope so, if we continue like this, in ten days we celebrate our first anniversary… however in dashboard the upload’s status it’s marked on Special Circumstance.