Anyone having ridiculous "Special Circumstance" issues for SFX?

I currently have 11 items in the queue “Submitted 2 months ago”, 3 items “Submitted 13 days ago” and 6 items “Submitted 8 days ago” all held under “Special Circumstance”. With over 4000 items approved I have never had queues this long. A lot of people in the queue length thread claim 1-2 days for review length.

Does anyone have similar issues or would know any reason whatsoever?

It’s frankly getting ridiculous as my queue is pretty much locked most of the time past 2 months and I have Elements quotas to fill.

hello!!! i have know the same issue, did you manage to fix it? How many days did it take to give you a review?

I had to contact support.

It took them just a few days to reply and I had to give them some bizarre official statement that I acknowledge I can’t upload duplicates of the same files (even though majority of the files were brand new or packs associated with single sound effects I already had approved.)

Then I asked for clarification and was told that whenever I’m uploading a pack for files that already exist on my account I need to make it clear to the reviewer that they are such.

Whole ordeal just seemed weird but like I said, I’ve had it all cleared under a week and no problems afterwards.