My items are under Special Circumstance

4-5 days ago Envato reviewed one of my items and the rest of them got “Special Circumstance”.I think they did it because I had too many items in the review queue.I have to mention that I am uploading sound effects so the upload volume is quite high.In the queue are about 70 items and that’s a lot but keep in mind that only 7 of them were in the front of the queue,for the rest of my items I still had to wait weeks in order to be reviewed because they were uploaded more recently.

My question is:When are they going to review my items if they are under “Special Circumstance”?
And do you think that there could be another reason that made them do this with my items?


Hi! How are you? I have the same problem… How many to wait after special circumstances?

I actually don’t really know.What I did in that situation?
I waited about 5-6 maybe 7 days after I got the special circumstances status.Nothing happened so I contacted support.The put the items that were marked as special circumstances under soft reject.Then I resubmitted them.After that, I waited somewhere between 30 minute and 1-hour max to actually get a review.