Special Circumstances Items in the Review Queue

So I know what Special Circumstance means when it comes to items in the queue, and I’m pretty sure I know why my items are Special Circumstance, and I know that such items take longer than normal items… that’s all groovy. But does anyone know how much longer than normal items? Currently at 17 days for motion graphics items, which seems a bit on the long side. Cheers!

I have no idea why… but drink a wine, have time with your family, look at the summer stars, have fun and think about the future :slight_smile: No need to worry, live your life - worrying doesn’t help anyway :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:


Maybe they are drinking wine, having time with their family, looking at the summer stars, having fun and thinking about the future. Once they’re done, I’m sure you’d get a reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, as we all know, a queue is a queue and no matter how we complaint about it, it will not go faster :wink:

So it’s a personal choice if you want to wait the review reply or live you life in between, planning your next item or something else. :wink:

Not worrying about how long it will take to review, and uploading additional items while I’m waiting, is the very reason why they’re now all Special Circumstance! I’ve uploaded 66 new items while I’ve been waiting!

Over a month now… just checking I’ve not been forgotten about! @MotionRevolver

Maybe, support helps?

One month and seventeen days now. Support just said keep waiting… I’m just wondering whether it will be months, years, epochs.