Song rejected, some feedback please?


I just had this song rejected and seeing how i mixed with a new pair of monitors and headphones i might’ve messed something up, so i’d like to ask you for suggestions? Or is it just the song structure thing?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hey Sinewave, I love this! I’m guessing maybe it’s to do with the dissonance in some of the chords, which Audiojungle doesn’t like too much. Which is a shame, because I think that’s what makes this track so great. I don’t think the mix is a problem. What category did you upload it to? You might have just caught a reviewer on a bad day

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Thanks, i’m glad you liked it. Well yea, the dissonance in the chords makes it sounds mysterious and tense. That was what i was going for. I think i’ve uploaded it to cinematic.

I think I hear a little bit of distortion or too much muddiness in the low frequencies at 0:27

Actually, yep, I think some of those low strings hits are cracking on the limiter, so that could have caused the rejection.

The mix has the problems. the strings in the upper register sound tinny.

Hi @_Sinewave!

Your writing and orchestration in this track are gorgeous. I believe there are some technical issues that justify rejection, which might be caused by your new monitors.

The staccatos at the beginning are pretty strong and aggressive (in the ff range) whereas the sustained strings sound like they are sordino patches, which are meant to be much quieter. It seems to me like you’ve tweaked them to match the aggresiveness of the staccatos. Perhaps if you started at a lower dynamic and then built a crescendo everything would have been more consistent in terms of timbre.

The track definitely needs more reverb. Right now it sounds more like chamber music. Especially the snares. Think about the title! :slight_smile:

The cymbal rolls (?) sound like white noise. They would be OK in a hybrid trailer type of setting, but not here.

Good luck!