Really thought this was good!

Hi all!

I really thought this was good but apparently I missed something as it was hard rejected in less than 8 hours. I would appreciate suggestion on what is wrong with this track as this time I can’t really tell why.

Many thanks!

Here’s the Soundcloud link:

Positive Uptempo

I’ll give you some gut reactions for what it’s worth…!

String sounds don’t sound too authentic on their own at the intro, which might be better shortened 4 bars and get into the groove sooner, which I really like.

Overall mix sounds a bit on the bright side - evident in the ‘B’ section which doesn’t really shift in contrast much (in register mainly - still those high cutting strings but just different melody). If you chilled out the violins on the B section, the A section might sound better?

A lot of comments I get is on annoying elements that would obscure as background music - In this case, I think the strings are too high and cutting generally, like the strings are just violins, so no mid range or mid register - that’d be my main gripe.

Just my gut reaction - hope it’s of some use :slight_smile:

Cheers, Simon.

Thank you Simon, you’re probably right. Do you think that I could re-submit this with some improvement or are hard rejects a “no go” for re-submission.

Many thanks for your comment, much appreciated!

I’m not the right person to ask lol. People do it all the time with apparently minor alterations - I did it once with a complete remix and added instrumentation and got a warning that if I do it again I will be banned! Others have said that’s not the norm though. Since then, any rejects I get (which I don’t think deserved) I’m just sticking two fingers up to AJ and I’ll find a more deserving home in the long run. Right now the feedback here is worth loads more to me.


Track is fine, strings also sounds good in my opinion but its boring after listening for a while, add some organic layers to strings. build it overtime. (add electric guitar if you can play record it).

Also mix needs low mids. Add piano chords in lower octaves, acoustic gitar maybe.

And transition between sections are sounded weak to me. Track doesnt carry itself a to b section. add more fx, use some filters etc.

I think you can make those changes and resubmit track. It can get huge sales!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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+1 the mix sound kinda thin i guess!

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Thanks, that is another concern in fact, it sounds “small” in my car. hard to find good listening perspectives :wink:

Thanks KingPurple! Very good points…I was just unsure that the track can be resubmitted, even with all the changes :wink:

Thanks a lot!