Hardly rejected with no explanation.

I dont know guys, what is wrong with this track?
It is already second track which was rejected…
Could you please share with me your opinion about it?
Thank you.

Hi @Antonio_Negaudi!! Track is so beautiful! I really like it!! I think intro is too long and quiet. I do not see another reasons for hard rejecting.

It’s hard to tell you but i have rejected some tracks that i thought were good. It’s normal in Envato.
Your music is beautiful. I love it.
You can try put some fade in tremolo string for more interesting. But anyway, do what you love.

Epic track! The strings may pop trough to much in the second half, and the finale seconds was a bit surprising.

Thx man! But it is so easy to fix that, I just have to delete some ‘long’ parts, or just create a second, short version. Why would nobody ask for that?
Sometime I had an experience when a quality team member asked me to provide more versions of an item or to make some improvements, to make it more commercially valuable, but not now. Now is just ‘you didn’t meet standards you’re not allowed to resubmit’… :neutral_face: :confused: Sad…:

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Thank you! Fade in Tremolo? Can you give a bit more details what exactly do you mean? :wink::+1:

Thx, could be, I thought more less about the same, but wasn’t sure, and I thought that a quality team could make corrections in that, communicating to an author. Ok, either they are not interested, or they don’t have human sources or my track really was hopeless. But with last one I disagree :slight_smile:

i’m sorry. i mean the string tremolo