Tell me why THIS song wasn't accepted...

My 2nd hard rejection ever on this account. I have a hunch (though, think I should have gotten a soft rejection because of it), but I’m curious what your thoughts are… Thanks!

Hi @TheStoryShop,
I think that the track itself is really cool , maybe your intro is a bit too long. You have major problems with your mix. Everything sounds too ‘‘open’’ (EQ) , distorted (probably compression) , and there’s a hum in your background , this track is really nice christmas track, but you have to work on your mixing skills if you want for your next track too be on the stock. You can always find some great tutorials on the internet ! Here’s one , this guy is awesome !!

Wish you the best dude !!


hi @TheStoryShop Well, firstly, a sharp beginning and a bit monotonous , and a lot of high frequencies
Second , at the end of the piano really stands out , and a lot of porridge in the track )
And agree with @Echobrainz you should to work on your mixing skills

Hi, I think the beginning is very tightened by, then slow development, the sound muddy (especially the piano when attempts to to shout down the strings), very long ending. I think so.

Hi there! Intro is too long for commercial music. And troubles with mix. As for me it’s a bit strange stereo image here. And too many reverb on instruments - it makes your mix really dirty. For example, on strings (I think violas in the right channel), which plays frequently, you can try much shorter reverb.

I think you’ve done good job. Music is really good, nice melodies and harmony but guys right, is all about mixing. To tight, bright and to much reverb.
First impression is most important and what we can hear here is a little dirty pizzicato string sound with bog almost mono reverb. If you’ll make it more soft, not to loud and closer to listener, then will be better.
the piano and other instruments r good but need to move it to the beginning, to show beauty of them a lil bit early.
All string to compressed and to bright. All library has this artefact around 3 - 4 khz, so try to reduce them and will see how you strings became smoother.
That aaaaa pad is also to open or loud, it should give only feelings that something is behind. Then it works.
And the last is try to add some orc percussions, toms or booms, to make it more deep.
Good luck!)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It is helpful to receive. I feel like I’ve gotten in too much of a routine with my mixing.

That being said, however, I feel like you are giving me things that would cause for a “soft rejection.” Basically you’re saying, ‘If you make these simple changes, this song would be good to go.’ What I got from Envato, however, was a “hard rejection.” A hard rejection means the song is fundamentally flawed; that it isn’t fixable for the Envato market; that there is no hope for “Hopeful Sunrise.” :wink:

This is mainly why I’m confused. Does anyone have anything to say in regards to this? Thanks!

I think you’ve got hard because team follow some rules or norms, is idea came just now. For example they can use some steps like levels, and your track is stuck in some of them. Like 1 - idea - your track is not ready about arrangement, not complete. Second is may be quality of sound (mixing) and even first step is ok, but 2 not good, you will get soft rej. And there could be other steps, but because 3 or 4 steps from 5 are fail, you cant get even soft, is only hard. Even in your case when the music is good.
It’s just an idea, i don’t know how it’s work. Check my last work, i also was thinking that they will not take it but is done. There is intro, theme and big culmination. I think if you rearrange totally 70% your track, is will be already new track and they have to allow it) I believe there is good people work and they will appreciate it)

The intro was really off-putting, so long and robotic and repetitive. Even though the track had some lovely moments later on, the main problem is the horrible string sounds, probably the worst string sounds I’ve come across in months. They are so harsh and abrasive and unnatural sounding. Sorry to be blunt, but actually I think it will very easy to turn this into a nice track if you address that issue. Everything will come together when you fix that string problem.

Everything we say is subjective, but we probably all would agree the problem is the production / arrangement and not the song itself. For me, there’s way too much reverb and a lot of sounds that are irritating to listen to over time because of sharp attacks. And when those sharp attacks are combined with a lot of mid-highs in the EQ, that hurts my ears and all I want to do is stop playback.

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