some rejections are strange

Hi there,

I had a rejection of a audio file for the reason that the track doesn´t meet AudioJungles commercial production standard (in recording/mixing/mastering) with no possibility to re-submit. That ist very strange, because this track is used for years in germany for a commercial TV-Spot (and now it´s free) and is recorded with the highest studio-standards available. I mean, i am a professional soundengineer and worked with really Pro stuff (Neve VR Console, Otari 24 MTR100, Lexicon 480 etc.). I can´t understand the reason and there is no possibility to ask the staff. Anybody similar experience? You can talk about a matter of taste that i understand (for example for the loudness of the reverse crash) but the sound quality? really? :flushed:


mhmh… the fact that a track was used somewhere else does not necessarily mean it sounds good objectively, or by the reviewer’s standards. The same goes for so-called “pro” stuff: No one cares about an old Otari these days, especially not in a stock market like this where it’s all about in-the-box mass production. As far as the actual rejection text, it is simply a pre-written message that may not reflect the actual problem the reviewer saw. I doubt it was something as simple as a cymbal - that should have resulted in a soft rejection. Unfortunately, you can’t contact them about this, this is just the way it works.

Regarding your track, it’s impossible to tell why it was rejected without hearing, so you might want to upload the track so SoundCloud so that people can listen and give you some feedback and tips. Or even better, show us the tv-spot! Good luck.


I really empathise with you. I’m finding it really hard to predict when work will be rejected. I had a track rejected this morning and whilst I understand that it was a bit more contemporary using pitch bend flutes a la Justin Bieber, Kygo etc soncally I cannot see why it was rejected. I understand that Audiojungle has to accept music that they will perceive to sell. However, I think at times the risk is being run of only accepting what has been used to thus far and not pushing any boundaries. Just my opinion - but I will probably ironically be moving back to doing “inspirational” tracks again - of which we all know there are a multitude! I’m done with taking chances. :grinning: