Reject. Help!

Tell me, what’s wrong?

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It was “This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.”

Sounds very clean. Instruments have enough space, great mixing and mastering!


I don’t know! =)

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Do they ever list only one reason out of these two?

This is their standard answer…

So theoretically it could be only mastering, for example.

By the way, I have no idea why was the track rejected, it sounds good enough to me as well.

In advance sorry for my English.
Maybe the track is not enough “happy”? I quickened my tempo. Maybe no intro? Did the introduction. Maybe duplication of piano and guitar in the second part - ugly? Removed a piano. Maybe replays at the end it is better to give different musical instruments? Gave different instruments. All right, I have corrected it and sent for review today. Waiting for 10 days.)))

I think it’s a great track @MyOpus, definitely submit the new version! One small thing I would mention tho, the Sax at the end sounds a bit artificial compared to all the other instruments. Good luck with the review!

  1. the Track is not in the popular style for commercial projects. 2) It is bright.Draws attention. This is my opinion. Here the adopted track, but he
    no sales . at the highest level (Track for example).
    PS once the track is very short to do more than two minutes. Do alternating repetitive losses. Do different versions of one minute, thirty seconds, etc.

The second version of the track is also not accepted. Made a new version, waiting for another 10 days)

Hello! To my mind. The track is beautiful. The first option is the best. Try in the first variant to make the drums quieter, so that the percussion instruments will not be so clearly loud. And in the second part of the track to do the electric guitar, too, quieter is not so sharp. Sorry for my english.

Watching accepted and rejected tracks, I realized that the reviewer have no knowledge about sound quality. Likely to have “templates” for each style. And it’s very sad.

I think that the reviewers know their business. They view music as the background for the video, and we think that music is the main thing in the video. That’s our big problem.

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Absolutely any music you can do the background for video.

No. This is not right. Background music should not interfere with the plot, and the speech of the announcer. And if we imagine that the announcer is telling the news under background music, where drums or a piano or a guitar or something else is playing very sharply, then the listener will not hear what the announcer is saying.

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Author to give you universal advice. If you can’t write music consisting of a single note. make several versions of the track, one full, the other disconnect melodic component. so do many. there are tracks with vocals but included is a version without it. Good luck.

I’m starting to think that the reviewers DON’T know what they are doing. Maybe someone is having a bad day. Maybe someone doesn’t understand the type of music you are submitting and its potential uses. There seems to be little rhyme or reason in a lot of the rejections lately, like they have been told to be more diligent on approvals, but let everything by Pink Zebra through…

I just had a cinematic track rejected and it was similar to others I had approved. Recently I had an extended film license bought for a similar track, so it’s not like I don’t understand what I’m shooting for. There needs to be more of an explanation than the standard form letter…

Temporarily held for further review…

I’m not an expert, but absolutely can not get what is wrong.

Again the rejection:
“Thank you for your patience while your file was being held for further review.
After some consideration, it was determined that this submission still does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/mixing/mastering) standard, and/or its commercial composition/arrangement standard.
Additionally and most importantly, our system indicates that this is a re-submission of a track that was previously hard rejected several times. As you were warned in the past, repeated resubmissions without significant changes is a breach of AudioJungle policy.”