Reject. Help!

My attempt to remake the track led to this:

You currently can’t access the Item Upload page because your upload rights for have been revoked. You need to contact Help Team to get them reinstated.”

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Contact the help team and update us what happens.

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Thank you. Wrote to them.

My upload rights have been reinstated!

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Congrats! So do you know if it always works like that? Did you just ask them to reinstate your rights?

Great track!
I think it got rejected beacuse of drum fills and syncopation.
They take too much attention.
It’s hard to do voiceover.
This tune is kind of music I would listen to,but not the one I would use for a video.

I think so))

No. I apologized and explained why it happened. I was advised not to send rejected themes. Even modified.

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I love your style! :smiley: love jazz, and love your play
but, rejection??? commercials? don’t know… I listen some complex improvisational construction in your track… I don’t know if they like this… Anyway, I love that!