some questions about theme Forex

I’d like to purchase your theme exactly Forex Word Press Theme, Demo 2 , but I didn’t understand some things:

  1. in the section "FOREX MARKET FORECAST FOR THE USD " how much charts can I to put in ? only 2, or what, that I want ?
  2. can I change the photo with other that I want ?
  3. in the section “previous” ,at the bottom section "FOREX MARKET FORECAST FOR THE USD " how much files can to be there ? only last, or at least 5 ?
  4. in a sections, for example " news section" , can I upload there economic calendar of ?

I like very much your theme and I wish to purchase it
please can you help me
best regards

Ask the author

You should get help from the support staff. They will know better what to do. These kinds of questions are their field. Are you into Forex? I ask because the theme is called Forex and I wonder if you, too, trade. I’m not a professional trader (do they really exist?) but I want to learn more about it and excel at this. I have a trading platform from this place and now I want to know how can I do something more serious, if you know what I mean. Anyway, for now, Forex is fine and I enjoy trading, but I wonder what I’ll try next. Maybe cryptocurrencies. I heard you can make good profits from there.