WordPress theme for sell/buy/exchange/borrow site

Hi there,
I am looking for a theme(may be Wordpress) which supports the selling/buying/exchanging/borrowing of BOOKS among users.
It would be great if it comes with a backend.Can you suggest me some themes.


I’m 95% sure you will need to hire a freelancer to adapt/customize a theme to make it do all of that - it’s a pretty niche space for a stock marketplace.

You could find someone to help using www.studio.envato.com


For that is the best make some kind of ad site. With different categories selling/buying/exchanging/borrowing.
Do you want just be portal or on your site people will sell books with payment system and you will take provision from selling?

I just want to make a portal for user without any payment system.Is there any theme which will atleast provide me buying/selling.
One more thing that I would like to ask is that if I use this template.Do I need to design the backend and If needed then how much cost will it take.
I am new to all this.


You can find lots of templates for ads on Themeforest.

If you need some customization you can hire me for that.

In case of interest: