Looking for a marketplace theme with language and auto-suggest search.


Hello everybody,

I am totally new to themeforest and the envato forum, so first of all I would like to apologize if I have put this message in the wrong place.

The reason for this message is that I want to build an eBay like site, with specific features, but I do not know which theme and templates I should use. The site will not include the number of products like eBay has, but only second-hand books for specific educational companies.

Features that are crucial for my site idea are:

  • The ability to choose 2 languages
  • Search bar with hint function
  • Sellers can upload and remove items

I have put in two links to give you a better idea of what I am thinking of.

Only putting me in the right direction, regarding themes and templates, would mean a great deal to me!

I am looking forward to your answers.

Thank you


Hey @PeakyBlinder (awesome name by the way)

We’re very happy to give item recommendations on the forums. Thanks for being so specific about what you’re looking for, it helps us a lot.

So basically what you’re after is a two-sided marketplace template. You need buyers and sellers to be able to create profiles.

Makery is a good example of this.

Marketify, by the @astoundify team is another excellent product. I can also vouch for the quality of their support.

From there, depending on the theme you choose, you may need to get a plugin to support the “hint” function. Although on CodeCanyon, this feature is known as a “search suggest” or “auto-suggest”.

As an example:

On the language front, some themes will already have this built in, it would be good to ask the author in the pre-purchase questions before you make your decision.