Wordpress Template Recommendation


I’m looking for Wordpress Template for my company that I would like to buy from Envato.

My company engaged to Trading Food Company.

My Company sells many product especially for meat, sea food, dairy product, poultry, etc

The core color of my company is Blue and Orange.

Our business is B2B, not like retail.
The site show many product with detail specification, but not showing the price like e-commerce.
Only detail product with commentary.

does anyone can help with give me suggest or recommendation for Wordpress template that I looking for?

Really appreciate.


I think, it will be better for you to create a custom design for your site. Go to studio.envato.com and hire a developer to get your goal. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Hi mixturethemes,

Thanks for your response,

how about the cost? for hire a developer?

Is it more expensive rather than buying a single theme ?

It all depends what you want on site. You will need to write details specifications that developer have guide for making site.
No one cant guess what you want and how will site look.
On that specifications you can get some quote.

Hi @subagyoby,

Adrian here from GetBowtied. We’re theme authors here on the Envato Market and we’re specialized in eCommerce themes. I understand that you’re after a product catalog rather than eCommerce functionality and all our themes come with the options to turn off the Add to Cart buttons and use the templates for cataloguing purposes only.

You should check out:


The themes come with the options you need to customized them in a fashion that would align with your branding guidelines.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Yes, it could be more expensive rather than buying a single theme. :wink: