Anyone planning a services market place (like FIVER)

I want a template to start a service marketplace like fiver, anyone planning a template like that plz let me know.

Maybe this theme will work for you?

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thank you kingdog, i know this theme but its want many plugins for start a services marketplace ?

You don’t need to buy whole bundle . You can buy and separate plugins. If you want to earn money you need and to invest money. You cant except that you will get out of box site like fiverr for 80$.

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Zaccc yeah i know, but i am posting here this topic to find more templates, then i can compare which one is the best ? till now this is not the best for my needs !

There are plenty of digital marketplace themes on themeforest but not as many out the box intended for service providers.

There are several plugins etc. That could help you achieve something but as has been mentioned trying to short cut the process in any way is a risky idea.

If you plan the site to be even busy and to do it properly then there are some other serious considerations to think about regarding hosting, security etc. Which could see your cost fly up


agreed charlie4282, i am still planning all and i am still not happy with current templates we have, so thats why i post here to know if anyone planning a template right now, then i can wait till that come.
Most of them told me if i am going with that kind of site you better go with a PHP script, not Wordpress,
any idea about this friends ?

A script would only handle a part of what you want to do whereas WP is likely to have more features from the start BUT again there is so much more to creating something like that even in a basic format than what you see front end and anything you find in a stock market is only ever gong to be at best an initial starting point that will require customisation.

If you are serious about doing it properly and have a realistic budget in mind (websites like this don’t cost $59 otherwise there would be a lot more of them!) then you will save yourself a huge amount of headache long term to custom develop it from scratch rather than relying on 3rd party author who could stop supporting or updating their item at any moment, and having to hack job a half right solution.


It’s probably useful to understand also that the site really is only a small part of what you have to consider…

  • most sites like this use some form of escrow holding payment. Setting up access to this is not straight forward and you will need to have your business ducks in a line before you even consider it

  • your hosting needs to be very premium (GoDaddy won’t cut it!) and dedicated

  • your security (tech and terms) will need to also be tight when your I are controlling that volume of people’s data (depending where you plan to trade there may be other compliance considerations)

  • your legal protection and terms will need to be bullet proof so that you can’t be held accountable if something goes wrong

This is still not everything but to do it properly these are basics and take considerable time and investment