Some help with rejected track, please?

Hello! I’m new here. Recently I sent my track here, but it was rejected. I know, it is far from perfect (for example, I noticed, that the bass drum just don’t exist, when you play this track on mobile devices), but I’m interested to hear some feedback from experienced authors, what I should work on to boost my chances of uploading my tracks here in future! Thank you in advance!

Mixing is problematic first of all. Kick + snare are sooooo lost and low in volume. Hapr is too loud, and along with the intro low strings have too much low mids. The mix sounds like it has too much low mids around 190-320 Hz, also high strings are lost. This mix needs total overhaul most of all, but also the playing and sounds have to become more realistic. Try to imagine an orchestra playing this song, how would it sound?

At 2:34 and 2:49 piano fast notes are very fake and not needed (remove this completely). And try to make this song 1:30 -2:00 minutes.

If you want to use real instruments you have to be careful with them , they have to sound realistic.

Also its a nice calm song if all things were perfect, this would be perfect! Good luck man


Thank you very much for your response, Pandocrator! Sorry, it took me a while to read your message! :slight_smile:
I’ll work on my mix, thank you for your detailed analysis!
I have question about track length, thought. Why do you think, it should be 1.30-2.00 minutes long?

Hey! I like the harp and piano. The strings could be a bit louder, also you may want to add more layers to make the sound richer. At 3:04 you have a sort of choir sound, but it sounds pretty unrealistic, I would remove it.
Hope this helps!

Hey, MRTN! Thank you very much for your reply!
Do you mean low pads at 3:04? That is strings as well actually, but I’ll check out, what can I do to make them sound more realistic, thank you!

I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing. It’s a sound I hear play one note at 3:04, and then at 3:12 it plays three notes low to high. I think the problem is that it stops very abrupt. Longer release and reverb may help there.

Hm, I’m listening to those moments, but I’m not sure, what do you mean, sorry! Maybe, you talking about Oboes? But they starting to play a little earlier, at 2.55. Do you mean a theme, that answers violins? Sorry about this misunderstanding!