Solo Travel!

Hi guys, so I am currently thinking of doing a solo travel for the first time ever in July or so, a bit scared!
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to visit and most importantly, would anyone like to MEET UP! :smiley:
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This is cool! Don’t be scared and go ahead for adventures! :smile:
Actually, today I met Colombian woman and French guy - they are huge travelers,'ve been in around 90 countries in total. And when I asked about what countries they like more, they said India and Thailand. So it can be a suggestion :wink:

Best thing you could ever do, go for it! I embarked on a trip in 2005 and I’ve yet to return. In the process I’ve got married, had a child and setup a few businesses. So be aware, this might change your life forever :slight_smile:
The world is rapidly changing and places that were cool 5-10 years ago are now tourist hell holes, so make sure when you’re seeking advice that the advice is current. Suggestions greatly depend on what interests you. Perhaps you can list things you’re hoping to see, do & experience and the community can make suggestions from there.

Thanks for sharing that! Great to hear you are currently in the process of traveling and also meeting great people! 90 countries wow :wink: Thanks for the suggestions also!

Wow Music2Sync that is super motivating :blush: Thanks a mil for sharing your info! Yes life changing is great at the moment, I am actually looking forward to that :smiley: I am looking to explore (mini adventure) while meeting great unique people in the process. For my first trip this will be short, maybe 5 to 7 days just to feel things out a bit.

Anyone had experiences with Hostels, would you suggest this or sticking with the usual hotels?
I have family and friends all over but I think that may defeat the purpose of a solo travel…or naa?

Btw I am from Jamaica.

Sounds like fun. Hostels are cheap and a great way of meeting people. When you get sick of that you can always escape to a hotel :wink: Friends and family are also very handy, you may lose some independence but local knowledge makes for a great trip! Seeing as you’re in Jamaica central America could be a good option. Nicaragua is awesome! Great food, not too touristy, easy to get around and cheap!

LOL ok. Hmmm not sure about that location the landscapes are awesome however! Strangely ticket prices are cheaper to USA and Canada as usual. Thanks a lot once more my friend :slight_smile:

No problem!

I vote for hostels too. :slight_smile: Seems like they attract most interesting people. At least from my experience it is :laughing:

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I’m off travelling at the end of the month. I’ve booked an paid for a months worth of hotels to get me going and then I’ll just be seeing where the wind takes me. I’d rather stay in hostels after that, for the ‘vibe’, but I;d have to get a private room… I don’t think I could handle being in a big dorm. It;s not so much from a security issue or anything, or that other people would bother me… I’d just be bothered that I’d be bothering other people! That would stress me out a bit… you know, getting up for the loo in the middle of the night, couching my guts up, sticking a light on to read, making noise, snoring etc. Imagine if you’ve got a ‘dicky tummy’ from trying a bunch of food you’re not quite used to, and you’re taking up the shared bathroom (with a wafer-thin door!) for most of the day. The horror!

I’m happy enough to mingle, meet new people, hit the town and all that jazz, and I don’t need all the mod cons or anything, but I think you need a bit of solitude from time to time… if only for a few hours a night.

hahah I totally understand what you are saying! That was pretty detailed and informative thanks!! Pros and cons i suppose I may end up doing both in this case just for the experience. I loooove my own space as well and I have gotten used to that over the years. I big dorm would definitely be chaotic.

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I think i have decided on ALBERTA CANADA, always wanted to visit BANFF and some others areas! Breath taking landscapes! so surreal!

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oh, my goodness! this is dreamland :innocent: For sure it’ll be awesome!

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It is awesome offcourse.

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