Where are you going for your vacation

so where are you going? I have no idea where I go so maybe you can give some inspiration :slight_smile:

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home or my wife’s hometown lol cool topic, Paul :slight_smile:

I wonder if I can go to Thailand… for example phi phi islands - they are cool hehe

and thanks for comments under my new items on the market, too much man hehehe anyway thanks :slight_smile:

are u aware Paul? thai authorities have closed the Phi Phi beach … u cannot access it anymore … at least u can do a bit but u have to stop 300 m before reaching the beach … tourists had destroyed in all of the fauna and the government had to make this decision …

seriously ? man… damn… why?

yes Paul … Corals and everything are gone they try to make everything being reborn indeed. It’s been a year already this is starting to be a little better but far from good enough indeed

damn tourists, destroying this beauty… first I saw phi phi islands in the movie with Dicaprio, then I research and I saw them.

Your information ruined my vacation :frowning:

this is part of the reasons why the situation is like this … this movie made the island famous and overflowed with tourists … the island had 2500 people and peak tourist population was 25000

yes, this is true. :slight_smile:

u can still access phi phi Paul but Maya bay is closed … the bad thing is that it was probably the “best part”

I will try wild ones :slight_smile: without stupid tourists :slight_smile: I have a plan , and have a gun :slight_smile:

Cool topic :slight_smile:
We were just in Asia for a few months - loved it!
Instead of the phi phi, I would recommend long-boat to multiple islands - we did that from Krabi.
(4 island or 7 island)…

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krabi is a good choice much better than phuket indeed

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Asia is cool - for example Malaysia… man, michelin star restaurant 20 meters from each other… damn hehehe

when vacation is over post your pictures here :slight_smile: I will post my from Thailand for sure hahahaha probably from phi phi with police hehehehe I wont give up :smiley:

I liked Malaysia too, but so far Thai food is my favorite :slight_smile:
Balinese food is uneatable hot for Europeans :sweat_smile:

I like hot food… but when I tried Thai ones… man… fire is like ice comparing this hehehehehe

Where are you from? Perhaps there’s something close to home to explore?

Poland hehehehehe

this is Poland