Los Angeles Author Meetup.

Hey there LA authors (and those nearby).

On Monday the evening of Monday the 10th of April the delightful @jamesgiroux and my borish self will be sojourning in the city of angels.

We’re going to be holding an author meetup for anyone who might like to join us, have a drink, a bite to eat, and a bit of a chat. We’ll confirm a location once we get a better idea of the numbers.

We’re going to be contacting people shortly, but if you’re in town and you’d like to be involved, please shout out below!

Edit: For those planning on attending, please RSVP via the form here.


Might swing by for a swift half.

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Count me in on that!


Ooh, a Power Elite author… the drinks are on you then! :wink:


Are you in the US at the moment @SpaceStockFootage?

No, but it’s only a 15 hour flight… and any excuse to swing by Vegas on the way back!

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Sounds great, I really liked our previous meetup in Santa Monica. I will try to come this time too.

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Come along @Osetin!

It would be great to see you again, and depending on the numbers we might try and have it in the same place :slight_smile:

where do you live ?

UK citizen, but currently in Cambodia. In the past year I’ve been in the UK, Spain, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Denmark and Norway. I get around a bit! Can’t afford to explore the solar system, so may as well try and check out a bit of the planet until I can.

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Probably won’t come. Looks like I might have to swing by Texas in June, so can’t really afford two US trips in two months. Have fun though, and give my love to the city of angels!

Nice for you, but you have a lot’s of money :slight_smile: traveling between this country’s is not $ 100 :slight_smile:

The flights to get to certain areas are expensive, maybe $500, but one you’re there you can travel to neighbouring countries tries for less then $100. That’s on a plane, but you can get from Cambodia to Thailand, for example, on a decent sleeper bus for less then $20.

And when you’re in a lot of South East Asian countries, the cost of living is very cheap. $2 for a taxi, $1 for a cheap meal, $2 for a pack of smokes etc.

That’s countered slightly by the expensive countries though, so you don’t want to be staying there too long. Take Australia for example… $11 for a beer, $10 for a cheap meal, $25 for a cheap pack of smokes… only mad people would live there. :wink:

But still, on average, the world is a pretty affordable place if you have a ‘western style’ income every month.

I appreciate that not everyone gets a ‘western style’ income, but the great thing about digital sales is that your earning potential is only limited by the quality and commercial viability of your work… you’re not held back by the average wages of the country you live in.


Hey everyone.

For those planning on attending, please RSVP via the form here.