Soft rejection on Wordpress theme…Need feedback

Hey Guys,

I just had one of my latest WordPress themes soft-rejected and here is the design:

I have the HTML version approved on Themeforest and i have been getting nothing but great comments and feedback on the design from customers and never a buyer has encountered a usability problem.

a reviewer has requested to me to fix some code issues , i fixed these error and resubmit the theme , but an other reviwer responds with this comment :

After consulting with my team, we came to an agreement that theme usability is pretty poor and design is hard to use.

Additionally, design seems to be overcrowded as well and concept needs to be reworked, especially navigation and sliding parts.

Therefore at this time it is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category.

Good luck!

Please feel free to submit your feedback and comments on the design.


Hi! Wow, it’s so nice! But… it really took me couple of seconds to get how to move to the next part.

First, I tried to drag… nothing.
Then, I searched for horizontal scrollbar… but it’s hidden!
So I’m looking around… hmm… how to move this thing? Finally I found arrows! They were so subtle!

Well, that’s my first experience with it.
Good luck! I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

Hi darinka , thanks for your great feedback.
for you what is the best place for the naviguation arrows?

Hi codiux! Well… I don’t know. You have to try and test it, see what works best. Maybe a big arrow on the right floating over the content in the vertical center?