Soft rejection help with WP plugin

Hi everyone,
I have submitted a Wp plugin a few days ago and got soft rejected for this ‘The documentation is a little lacking.’

Checking everywhere on Envato knowledge base I couldn’t find any decent explanation of what I should send exactly. So I submitted all that was understandable.
I see that most people have an html styled presentation under the item preview image but it is not clear how you do that from the help.
Is that the description in the ‘Description and price’ made with html or is it the optional live preview files?
Also no explanation about ‘Optional video preview’ and ‘Optional wordpress plugin’.

I have sent the main files zipped including a 22 pages manual in PDF. Is PDF not good? Should be in any other format?

Can anyone explain me something more or direct me to some help guide?

Hi @anon3373616.

Try to make some modifications on the documentation files, and if you don’t have a troubleshoot guide try to include it on the documentation.
The HTML with the images you want as some sort of explanation can only be created after the plugin has been accepted.
Well, Envato provides a documentation flie that you can use. Relative to PDF, i can’t pronounce…
Hope you get your item approved m8. GL :slight_smile:

Thanks @EZCode,
I’ll look for the PDF documentation you mentioned. What do you mean with ‘you can’t pronounce’?
And I’ll definitely add the troubleshoot section to the manual.

So I don’t have to send now the ‘Optional live preview’, ‘Optional video preview’ and ‘Optional wordpress plugin’?

Do you know what they are for anyway?
Thanks again. Very appreciated.

Hi @anon3373616.

I meant I don’t know if they accept the PDF version of your plugin, as they point for one HTML file.
Well, relative to that I really don’t know what are those… :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for that.
I hope you can manage to get it updated and working and have lots of sales!

Best regards :wink:

8bits-in-a-row, did you manage to get your plugin accepted? I have the exact same problem and I don’t know what to do. What did you have to change in your documentation? Thank you for your help.

Hi @bartasw,
Yes my plugin got accepted. I remade the documentation in html as per the sample they sent me.
You should have received a link to it on the rejection email:

It is supposed to be for a theme but I adapted it for my plugin and it got accepted without further problems.
I believe the issue was that my documentation did not include all those details present in their template.
Follow that template and you should be fine.

Just as a suggestion, before you retry to submit make sure that your product page has all those fancy descriptions images etc before the product gets accepted.
From my experience with my first plugin, the first days are the once with most visits so you want to make sure that everything looks good from the very begging.

If you need more help just ask.

Good luck

Thanks, I appreciate your help.