My item is soft rejected several times

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I have developed a WordPress plugin and uploaded to CodeCanyon. They soft rejected first time. I carefully read the reviewer’s feedback and fixed all issues and re-submitted after one day.

Once again they soft rejected with same issues while issues were fixed.
for example They said:
2. Don’t add extensions to handles:

It was fixed in my 2nd upload but they don’t checking the codes and rejecting my item without review.

I have tried 6 times with all issues fixed and requested them if they found any issue with code then please mention filename and line number so I can quickly find it because I am sure it’s not any further issue in my plugin codes. But in vain, today after submitting 6th time, they didn’t provide details of any issue (actually there is not any issue) and soft rejected my plugin without review.
Now I am trying to find any further issue for hours but didn’t found. I am thinking they are rejecting without any review of my updated. This is not quite fair.

I am feeling disappointed and thinking to try some other marketplace. Luckily I found this forum where I can share my issue with all senior people. Please give me your honest advise what should I do?

Many Thanks

Don’t lose hope, selling wordpress plugins at codecanyon requires to follow general standards imposed by the envato team. Further soft rejection means that your plugin has market value and they want it to go live, but after you fixed the issues. I recommend you to check some other plugins in the market and compare the structure with your item.

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Hello TitanSystems

Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. Your helping behavior is really appreciated. It’s make me feel that a lot of helping people are here. :smiley:

I am thinking to get help of any senior to find out the issues in my plugin code. I can’t figure out what is missing. If someone analyze the code and let me know “What I need to fix?” then I will fix it quickly. I have tried myself and spend hours to find out but in vain.

Many Thanks

I also face same problem in 4th rejection. They didn’t mention anything. Then I studied all the previous problems. And while submitting Its very important to mention all the problems you have solved, should enlisted to reviewer in message section.

Suppose, they give you 3 issues. You need to fix all three issues. And mention this to reviewer message.


  1. Issues 1. Solved with a simple description.

Hope this will work. Good luck.

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