Why do i get rejected after telling me to fix issues

Hello everyone,
I just want to share this with everyone here and hopefully Envato team would be able to help with it.

Few days ago i submitted and item on CodeCanyon.

After few days I receive a soft rejection because the preview images are not fit quality standard when it comes to the size,
No problem i fix it and i resubmit again,
Next another soft rejection, you have to remove the commented code from your item codes.

Again, no problem, I removed them and resubmit it again.

And today I receive a full rejection saying

you are not addressing all the problems

Literally how is that even possible!!!

Anybody has any idea how can i reach out to envato directly!! Cuz this is not fair and this is not what’s going on

Who ever reviewed my item addressed couple things and i fixed them
And now saying that !

Hi @YousefAlsbaihi,

When reviewer will ask you something then you should fix those for all of your codes (files). without proper fix if you submit the update then you can get rejected before by doing this author waste the reviewer valuable time and they have to ask same fix again and again.

So, before submit the update you should study on what the reviewer is asking and must have to fix all of those.

If you have any query you can Contact Author Support and let them know.


You see, that’s the thing
The reviewer is he/she values there time they should’ve told me all the fix’s in one soft rejection

But this one one went from

Preview images are small
Then another rejection remove comments

And after both fix’s
Hard rejection

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